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Good experience with Jixhost.

Hello guys,

I didn't saw many reviews for Jixhost, so I decided to make one myself. I have a basic hosting plan and I've been their client for almost one year now without any problems regarding downtime, serverside problems or client support. They have good and affordable plans to cover any needs you might have. I strongly recommend it for anyone who is looking for an excellent webhost.

Personally, I was very satisfied with their services until now. I saw many bad reviews addressed to them, but it's easy to figure that the competition wants to have this company dragged into dirt.

Kind regards and have a great week

svr2006 | WebHostingTalk

We love jixhost because of good service and fast support for members. Jixhost servers are number one in my mind for my website with high traffic & resources. Thank you Jixhost

Iram Maulana of | Webhostingstuff

DreamTera proudly receives notice that a grade or "A" is issued to DreamTera from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). DreamTera having served for nearly a decade is currently serving thousands of clients around the world. A spokesperson for DreamTera states that "they have a policy of not compensating or paying for positive grades, reports or reviews" and that "any grades or reviews are earned by DreamTeras own merits

DreamTera receives an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) | Better Business Bureau (BBB)


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